Gold medals: 1, Silver medals: 2, Bronze medals: 24, Honorable mentions: 4
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 César Endris Acosta Martínez César Endris Acosta Martínez 171 Bronze medal
2023 Erik Jordan Valdés Abreu Erik Jordan Valdés Abreu 217 Bronze medal
2022 Geiler Esteban López Corría Geiler Esteban López Corría Participant
2022 Dahysmer Hernández Ricardo Dahysmer Hernández Ricardo Participant
2022 Ana Sabrina Salvador Pérez Ana Sabrina Salvador Pérez Participant
2022 Brenda María Zayas Hernández Brenda María Zayas Hernández Participant
2019 Samuel Báez Lao Samuel Báez Lao Participant
2019 Rey Michel Rodríguez Navarro Rey Michel Rodríguez Navarro Participant
2017 Rafael José Rodríguez Rafael José Rodríguez 163 Bronze medal
2015 Juan Pablo Figueroa Macías Juan Pablo Figueroa Macías 191 Honorable mention
2014 Alejandro Alexéi Vistorte Salgado Vistorte Salgado Alejandro Alexéi 188 Honorable mention
2011 Reinaldo Román Martín Pardo Reinaldo Román Martín Pardo 142 Bronze medal
2010 Ramón Lorenzo Panades Barrueto Ramón Lorenzo Panades Barrueto Participant
2009 Hernández Hiram Borbolla Hernández Hiram Borbolla 132 Bronze medal
2009 Infante Ernesto Aguilar Infante Ernesto Aguilar 162 Bronze medal
2008 Gerardo Ojeda Carralero Gerardo Ojeda Carralero 40 Silver medal
2008 Mendez Gómez Yanira Mendez Gómez Yanira 134 Bronze medal
2007 Manuel Garcia Ricardo Manuel Garcia Ricardo 150 Bronze medal
2006 Juan José Del Campo Lopez Juan José Del Campo Lopez 158 Bronze medal
2006 Williams Ernesto Miranda Delgado Williams Ernesto Miranda Delgado 174 Honorable mention
2005 Luis Daniel Cruz Zaragoza Luis Daniel Cruz Zaragoza 26 Gold medal
2004 Enrique Méndez Vega Enrique Méndez Vega Participant
2003 Kenny Bravo Rodriguez Kenny Bravo Rodriguez 42 Silver medal
2002 Kenny Bravo Rodriguez Kenny Bravo Rodriguez Participant
2002 V. Perez Barzaga V. Perez Barzaga 184 Honorable mention
2002 I.B. Gonzalez Valdes I.B. Gonzalez Valdes Participant
2002 J.E. Hernandez Gonzalez J.E. Hernandez Gonzalez Participant
2001 David Santos Carballal David Santos Carballal 70 Bronze medal
2001 Karel Hernandez Sanchez Karel Hernandez Sanchez 73 Bronze medal
2001 Elain Fernando Carbonel Elain Fernando Carbonel 91 Bronze medal
2001 Castillo Aleman Marx Castillo Aleman Marx 100 Bronze medal
1999 Darel Martínez Bedoya Darel Martínez Bedoya 123 Bronze medal
1997 Rachel Crespo Rachel Crespo 98 Bronze medal
1996 Rivera Daniel Garcia Rivera Daniel Garcia 87 Bronze medal
1995 Joel Torres Alacan Joel Torres Alacan Participant
1994 Adria Jimenez Diaz Adria Jimenez Diaz Participant
1993 Yonier Rodriguez Yonier Rodriguez 78 Bronze medal
1993 Victor Lorenzo Victor Lorenzo 88 Bronze medal
1993 Adria Jimenez Diaz Adria Jimenez Diaz 91 Bronze medal
1993 Reinaldo Moya Barrios Reinaldo Participant
1991 Heidi Portuondo Campa Heidi Portuondo Campa 68 Bronze medal
1991 Reynaldo López Mirabal Reynaldo López Mirabal Participant
1991 Nelanie Mora-Diaz Nelanie Mora-Diaz Participant
1991 Mitcheell Maestre Martínez Mitcheell Maestre Martínez Participant
1990 Elier Paz Rojas Elier Paz Rojas 56 Bronze medal
1990 David Alvarez Carbonnell David Alvarez Carbonnell Participant
1990 Heidi Portuondo Campa Heidi Portuondo Campa Participant
1990 Ana Helena Lopez Campistous Ana Helena Lopez Campistous Participant
1989 Omar Quinter Monzon Omar Quinter Monzon 61 Bronze medal
1989 David Carbonell David Carbonell Participant
1989 Virna Veiga Perez Virna Veiga Perez Participant
1989 Elier Paz Rojas Elier Paz Rojas Participant
1988 Eduardo Baquero Fernandez Eduardo Baquero Fernandez 58 Bronze medal
1988 Ernesto Ortitz Suri Ernesto Ortitz Suri Participant
1988 Raul Gonzales Lio Raul Gonzales Lio Participant
1988 Elier Paz Rojas Elier Paz Rojas Participant
1987 Ernesto Ortitz Ernesto Ortitz 52 Bronze medal
1987 Raul Gonzalez Raul Gonzalez Participant
1987 Eduardo Baquero Eduardo Baquero Participant
1987 Tania Crombet Tania Crombet Participant
1985 Tirso Gassié Rodriguez Tirso Gassié Rodriguez Participant
1985 Geni Gómez Morejón Geni Gómez Morejón Participant
1985 César Fernández Estrabao César Fernández Estrabao Participant
1985 Luis Javier Gonzáles López Luis Javier Gonzáles López Participant
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