Gold medals: 0, Silver medals: 0, Bronze medals: 1, Honorable mentions: 3
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Siena Ootes Siena Jade Ootes 196 Bronze medal
2023 Nina Bernier Nina Hélène Gaëlle Bernier Participant
2023 Rémi Peuscet Rémi Waldemar Peuscet Participant
2023 Rares Ciobanu Rareș Ștefan Ciobanu Participant
2022 Emile Karl Chauvel Emile Karl Chauvel 218 Honorable mention
2022 Nick Herrmann Nick Herrmann Participant
2022 Rares Stefan Ciobanu Rareș Ștefan Ciobanu Participant
2022 Shaunak Rege Shaunak Rege Participant
2021 Rafael Dux Rafael Dux 209 Honorable mention
2021 Jean-Marc Furlano Jean-Marc Furlano 215 Honorable mention
2021 Raphaël Menasce Raphaël Menasce Participant
2021 Laurent Bommertz Laurent Bommertz Participant
2019 Michel Mertens Goedert Mertens Goedert Michel Robert Participant
2019 Eunju Moon 문은주 Participant
2019 Daniel Léon Stors Daniel Léon Participant
2019 François Ghysens Ghysens François Participant
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