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Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Osewuike Igue Osewuike Daniel Igue Participant
2023 Granville Chukwure Granville Chukwure Participant
2023 Chigozie Nwadinobi Chigozie Favour Nwadinobi Participant
2023 Kenechukwu Okereke Kenechukwu Jefferson Okereke Participant
2022 Daramfonabasi Henry Effanga Effanga Henry Daramfonabasi Participant
2022 Chinonye Emmanuel Iyidobi Iyidobi Emmanuel Chinonye Participant
2022 Chidera Evan Ofoma Ofoma Evan Chidera Participant
2022 Mmesomachukwu Judith Uchendu Uchendu Judith Mmesomachukwu Participant
2021 Oghenevwegba Joseph Ikuru Oghenevwegba Joseph Ikuru Participant
2021 Ifeanyichukwu Valentine Umeanyika Ifeanyichukwu Valentine Umeanyika Participant
2020 Pascal Damain Ojochide Pascal Damain Ojochide Participant
2020 Oluwasola Mervelous Olurankinse Oluwasola Mervelous Olurankinse Participant
2020 Ugonna Samuel Umeh Ugonna Samuel Umeh Participant
2020 Joshua Omachonu Abdullahi Joshua Omachonu Abdullahi Participant
2019 Pascal Damian Ojochide Pascal Damian Ojochide Participant
2018 Pipololaoluwa Adeayo Alao Pipololaoluwa Adeayo Alao Participant
2018 Glory Chisom Okoli Glory Chisom Okoli Participant
2018 Judah Oluwagbemileke Oladipo-Joseph Judah O. Oladipo-Joseph Participant
2016 Joseph Ayamuze Lawrence Joseph Ayanuze Lawrence Participant
2016 Oghenefejiro Ephraim Amam Oghenefejiro Ephraim Amam Participant
2016 Yusuf Omotayo Jimoh Yusuf Omotayo Jimoh Participant
2016 John Oluwapelumi Sayikanmi John Oluwapelumi Sayikanmi Participant
2015 Oluwatosin Mariam Oloyede Oluwatosin Mariam Oloyede Participant
2015 Alaba Anna Tam Danagogo Alaba Anna Tam Danagogo Participant
2015 Amarachi Ann Ugo Otisi Amarachi Ann Ugo Otisi Participant
2014 Justin Eberechukwu Emmanuel Justin Eberechukwu Emmanuel Participant
2014 Lawrence Ayamuze Joseph Lawrence Ayamuze Joseph Participant
2013 Eberechukwu Justin Eberechukwu Justin Participant
2013 Ayamuze Joseph Lawrence Ayamuze Joseph Lawrence Participant
2013 Uchechukwu Gabriel David Uchechukwu Gabriel David Participant
2013 Benjamin Akoh Benjamin Akoh Participant
2012 Justin Emmanuel Justin Emmanuel Participant
2012 David Gabriel David Gabriel Participant
2012 Chidinma Onyebuenyi Chidinma Onyebuenyi Participant
2012 Nnena Sandra Nnena Sandra Participant
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