Gold medals: 0, Silver medals: 1, Bronze medals: 7, Honorable mentions: 7
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Juan García Bouzá Juan Martín García Bouzá 206 Bronze medal
2023 Lautaro Ferreira Rampa Lautaro Ferreira Rampa Participant
2023 Leonel Stolovas Leonel Stolovas Participant
2022 Mariano Diaz Mariano Nahuel Diaz Borges Participant
2022 Andres Gramajo Andres Pedro Gramajo Garcia Participant
2022 Lautaro Ferreira Lautaro Ferreira Rampa Participant
2021 Agustín Corbo Borche Agustín Corbo Borche Participant
2021 Mariano Díaz Borges Mariano Díaz Borges Participant
2021 Agustín Almeida Ahlers Agustín Almeida Ahlers Participant
2021 Candela S. Gómez Candela Gómez Participant
2020 Augusto Palotti Amado Augusto Palotti Amado Participant
2020 Agustin Marcelo Di Salvatore Vomero Agustin Marcelo Di Salvatore Vomero Participant
2020 Solange Alejandra Montero Gelves Solange Alejandra Montero Gelves Participant
2020 Candela Soledad Gomez Da Costa Leites Candela Soledad Gomez Da Costa Leites Participant
2019 Lucía Viñas Lucía Viñas Farriols Participant
2019 Eddie Kaitazoff Efimenco Eddie Kaitazoff Efimenco Participant
2019 María Elena Vuan Díaz María Elena Vuan Díaz Participant
2018 Franco Héctor C. Baroffio Franco Héctor Castro Baroffio 98 Silver medal
2018 Agustín Alejandro Lorusso Notaro-Francesco Agustín Alejandro Lorusso Notaro-Francesco 205 Honorable mention
2018 Eddie ​Kaitazoff Efimenco​​ Eddie ​Kaitazoff Efimenco​​ Participant
2018 Rodrigo Alejando Moreira Fernández Rodrigo A. M. Fernández Participant
2017 Josefina Pereyra Domenech Josefina Pereyra Domenech Participant
2017 Franco Castro Baroffio Franco Castro Baroffio Participant
2017 Florencia Menéndez Migues Florencia Menéndez Migues Participant
2017 Sofia Medina Guarino Sofia Medina Guarino Participant
2016 Agustin Lopez Agustin Lopez 159 Bronze medal
2016 Melanie Zorron Melanie Zorron 163 Bronze medal
2016 Ignacio Mieres Ignacio Mieres Participant
2015 Joaquín Ignacio Lema Pérez Joaquín Ignacio Lema Pérez 179 Bronze medal
2015 Agustín López Cabrera Agustín López Cabrera Participant
2015 Lucía Feijó Lucía Feijó Participant
2015 Ignacio Germán Mieres Silvera Ignacio Germán Mieres Silvera Participant
2014 Facundo Nicolás Cairo Malacre Facundo Nicolás Cairo Malacre 189 Honorable mention
2014 Guillermo Nicolás Bragunde Martínez Guillermo Nicolás Bragunde Martínez Participant
2014 Joaquín Ignacio Lema Pérez Joaquín Ignacio Lema Pérez Participant
2014 Leandro Fabián Capurro Leites Leandro Fabián Capurro Leites Participant
2013 Ana Paula Nova Roybal Ana Paula Nova Roybal 196 Honorable mention
2013 Guillermo Andrés Jauregui Hermida Guillermo Andrés Jauregui Hermida Participant
2013 Francisco Acosta Lopez Francisco Acosta Lopez Participant
2013 Fernando Igoa Saldaña Fernando Igoa Saldaña Participant
2012 Bruno Galan Carminati Bruno Galan Carminati 183 Honorable mention
2012 Mariana González Morales Mariana González Morales Participant
2012 Santiago Giardello Colmán Santiago Giardello Colmán Participant
2012 Marcos Imer Rocha Marcos Imer Rocha Participant
2011 Melissa Bariani Melissa Bariani Participant
2011 Victoria Alvez Victoria Alvez Participant
2010 Sebastian Andres Martinez Sebastian Andres Martinez Participant
2010 Norberto Andres Canepa Norberto Andres Canepa Participant
2010 Melissa Bariani Melissa Bariani Participant
2010 Alejandro Rodriguez Alejandro Rodriguez Participant
2009 Daniela Oreggioni Daniela Oreggioni Participant
2009 Lorena Larrea Lorena Larrea Participant
2009 Juan Pellegrini Juan Pellegrini Participant
2008 Ana Inés Silva Ana Inés Silva Participant
2008 Sofía Velazco Sofía Velazco Participant
2008 Lucía Castellano Lucía Castellano Participant
2007 Joaquin Grassi Joaquin Grassi Participant
2007 Sebastian Barcardal Sebastian Barcardal Participant
2007 Diego Otero Diego Otero Participant
2007 Sebastian Fiamene Sebastian Fiamene Participant
2006 Andrés López Radcenco Andrés López Radcenco Participant
2005 Ricardo Szyfer Ricardo Szyfer Participant
2005 Andrés Lopez Andrés Lopez Participant
2005 Matias Osorio Matias Osorio Participant
2005 Maria Agustina Frechou Maria Agustina Frechou Participant
2004 Gerardo Stagno Gerardo Stagno Participant
2003 Luciana Prini Luciana Prini 187 Honorable mention
2003 Claudina Rattaro Claudina Rattaro 199 Honorable mention
2003 Enrique Neumann Enrique Neumann Participant
2002 Luciana Prini Guadalupe Luciana Prini Guadalupe 203 Honorable mention
2002 Alicia Felix Giachero Alicia Felix Giachero Participant
2001 Cesar Rodriguez Cesar Rodriguez 96 Bronze medal
2001 Ignacio Carrera Ignacio Carrera 113 Bronze medal
2000 Gonzalo Cerrutti Gonzalo Cerrutti 109 Bronze medal
2000 Gabriela Garmendia Gabriela Garmendia Participant
1999 Carolina Oliver Carolina Oliver Participant
1999 Miguel Pegazzano Miguel Pegazzano Participant
1999 Laura Irigoin Laura Irigoin Participant
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