Gold medals: 0, Silver medals: 4, Bronze medals: 16, Honorable mentions: 7
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Jesús Evia Jesús Evia Participant
2023 Nicolás Osilia Taborda Nicolás Osilia Taborda Participant
2023 Sergio Rodrigues Sergio Rodrigues Participant
2023 Carlos Rodríguez Carlos Rodríguez Participant
2022 Alberto Alava Cedeño Alberto Alava Cedeño 209 Bronze medal
2021 Verónica Landaeta Hernández Verónica Landaeta Hernández Participant
2021 Alberto Josué Alava Cedeño Alberto Josué Alava Cedeño Participant
2020 Fernando Juan Jose Rodriguez Fernando Juan Jose Rodriguez 93 Bronze medal
2020 Jesus Alejandro Colmenares Jesus Alejandro Colmenares Participant
2019 Fernando Juan José Rodríguez González Fernando Juan José Rodríguez González 210 Honorable mention
2019 Pedro Luis Peña Méndez Pedro Luis Peña Méndez Participant
2018 Jesús David Zambrano Jesús David Zambrano Participant
2018 Luis José Parra Molina Luis José Parra Molina Participant
2018 José Gabriel Rosa Rivero José Gabriel Rosa Rivero Participant
2018 Andrés Rafael De Sousa Andrés Rafael De Sousa Participant
2017 Santiago González Crepsac Santiago González Crepsac 176 Bronze medal
2017 José Gabriel Rosa Rivero José Gabriel Rosa Rivero Participant
2017 Eugenia Correa Pérez Eugenia Correa Pérez Participant
2015 Jesús Manuel Colmenares Ostos Jesús Manuel Colmenares Ostos 199 Honorable mention
2013 Ricardo Mathison Ricardo Mathison Participant
2013 Johel Arteaga Johel Arteaga Participant
2013 Hai Xia Zhang Cen Hai Xia Zhang Cen Participant
2012 Nestor Bracho Pozsoni Nestor Bracho Pozsoni 150 Bronze medal
2012 Luis Requiz Perera Luis Requiz Perera 189 Honorable mention
2012 Aaron Useche Esclasans Aaron Useche Esclasans Participant
2011 Luis Armando Torrealba Luis Armando Torrealba Participant
2011 Aaron Useche Aaron Useche Participant
2011 Victor Augusto Cedeño Victor Augusto Cedeño Participant
2010 María Victoria Moreno Hernández María Victoria Moreno Hernández Participant
2010 Arnaldo Enmanuel Marin Suárez Arnaldo Enmanuel Marin Suárez Participant
2010 Carlos Javier Berrio Barrera Carlos Javier Berrio Barrera Participant
2010 Erwin Wilfredo Mora Flores Erwin Wilfredo Mora Flores Participant
2009 Rafael Prato Modestino Rafael Prato Modestino Participant
2009 Alfredo Mora Alfredo Mora Participant
2008 Rafael Alberto Prato Modestino Rafael Alberto Prato Modestino 162 Bronze medal
2008 Armando Rafael León Silva Armando Rafael León Silva Participant
2007 Gabriel Eduardo Sanoja Lopez Gabriel Eduardo Sanoja Lopez 88 Bronze medal
2007 Daniel Enrique Cardenas Armas Daniel Enrique Cardenas Armas 129 Bronze medal
2006 Eduardo Yi Rojas Eduardo Yi Rojas Participant
2006 Félix Enrique Mendoza Suarez Félix Enrique Mendoza Suarez Participant
2005 Jürgen Vargas Schmitz Jürgen Vargas Schmitz 127 Bronze medal
2005 Manuel Pérez Manuel Pérez Participant
2004 Gastón Larrazabal Gastón Larrazabal 113 Bronze medal
2004 Domingo Romero Domingo Romero Participant
2004 Jürgen Vargas Schmitz Jürgen Vargas Schmitz Participant
2004 Manuel Reimi Manuel Reimi Participant
2003 Miguel Modestino Miguel Modestino 45 Silver medal
2003 Sergio Bacallado Sergio Bacallado 52 Silver medal
2003 César Alejandro Urbina Blanco César Alejandro Urbina Blanco 122 Bronze medal
2003 Gastón Larrazabal Gastón Larrazabal 145 Bronze medal
2002 Sergio Bacallado Sergio Bacallado 75 Silver medal
2002 Miguel Modestino Miguel Modestino 126 Bronze medal
2002 M.F. Patino M.F. Patino Participant
2002 M. Plazas M. Plazas Participant
2001 Juan R. Menolascino Juan R. Menolascino 136 Honorable mention
2001 Mariana Plazas Mariana Plazas 182 Honorable mention
2001 Vanessa Campioli Vanessa Campioli Participant
2001 Alessandro Trigilio Alessandro Trigilio Participant
2000 Francisco Malaret Francisco Malaret 52 Silver medal
2000 Israel Parada Israel Parada 122 Bronze medal
2000 Reinaldo Hernandez Reinaldo Hernandez Participant
2000 Juan Carlos Sánchez Juan Carlos Sánchez Participant
1999 Jose Ignacio Juncosa Jose Ignacio Juncosa 110 Bronze medal
1999 Manuel Rodrigo Manuel Rodrigo_ 128 Bronze medal
1999 Helio Chamate Helio Chamate Participant
1998 Juan Miguel Puertas Juan Miguel Puertas Participant
1998 Rafael Sanchez Rafael Sanchez Participant
1997 Victor Montes Victor Montes 96 Bronze medal
1997 Daniela Buccella Daniela Buccella 124 Honorable mention
1997 Manuel Flores Manuel Flores Participant
1996 Shun Shang Lo Shun Shang Lo Participant
1996 Vanessa Evi Salcedo Vanessa Evi Salcedo Participant
1995 Eladio Arvelo Eladio Arvelo Participant
1995 Camilo Contreras Camilo Contreras Participant
1994 Eduardo Jose Salomone Spirow Eduardo Jose Salomone Spirow 132 Honorable mention
1994 Gerardo Alfredo Burgos Riera Gerardo Alfredo Burgos Riera Participant
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