Gold medals: 38, Silver medals: 43, Bronze medals: 24, Honorable mentions: 3
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Dinh Cao Son Đinh Cao Sơn 7 Gold medal
2023 Nguyen Kim Giang Nguyễn Kim Giang 10 Gold medal
2023 Nguyen Manh Khoi Nguyễn Mạnh Khôi 16 Gold medal
2023 Mai Van Duc Mai Văn Đức 45 Silver medal
2022 Phong Viet Nguyen Nguyễn Việt Phong 11 Gold medal
2022 Hanh Xuan Phan Phan Xuân Hành 14 Gold medal
2022 Minh Duc Tran Trần Đức Minh 17 Gold medal
2022 Tuan Nguyen Minh Pham Phạm Nguyễn Minh Tuấn 22 Gold medal
2021 Anh Duy Nguyen Nguyễn Duy Anh 8 Gold medal
2021 Phuong Duc Nam Pham Phạm Đức Nam Phương 12 Gold medal
2021 Anh Le Thao Nguyen Nguyễn Lê Thảo Anh 30 Gold medal
2021 Duong Hoang Nguyen Nguyễn Hoàng Dương 34 Silver medal
2020 Dang Hai Ly Lý Hải Đăng 5 Gold medal
2020 Duong Hoang Nguyen Nguyễn Hoàng Dương 9 Gold medal
2020 Anh Quoc Trung Pham Phạm Trung Quốc Anh 15 Gold medal
2020 Trang Minh Thi Dam Đàm Thị Minh Trang 22 Gold medal
2019 Tan, Ba Tran Tran Ba Tan 4 Gold medal
2019 Nguyen, Van Chi Nguyen Nguyen Van Chi Nguyen 36 Gold medal
2019 Hoang, Dinh Nguyen Nguyen Dinh Hoang 48 Silver medal
2019 Lam, Thanh Pham Pham Thanh Lam 96 Silver medal
2018 Anh Duc Pham Phạm Đức Anh 17 Gold medal
2018 Nguyen Van Chi Nguyen Nguyễn Văn Chí Nguyên 63 Silver medal
2018 Tung Thanh Hoang Hoàng Thanh Tùng 69 Silver medal
2018 Duat Nhat Phan Phan Nhật Duật 107 Bronze medal
2017 Hieu Dinh Đinh Quang Hiếu 9 Gold medal
2017 Lam Nguyen Nguyễn Bằng Thanh Lâm 21 Gold medal
2017 Anh Pham Phạm Đức Anh 22 Gold medal
2017 Tuyen Hoang Hoàng Nghĩa Tuyến 46 Silver medal
2016 Hieu Dinh Quang Đinh Quang Hiếu 7 Gold medal
2016 Duy Nguyen Khanh Nguyễn Khánh Duy 16 Gold medal
2016 Trung Nguyen Thanh Nguyễn Thành Trung 38 Silver medal
2016 Minh Pham Duc Phạm Đức Minh Participant
2015 Hoang Dinh Tuan Đinh Tuấn Hoàng 23 Gold medal
2015 Ha Pham Thai Phạm Thái Hà 66 Silver medal
2015 Hieu Tran Dinh Trần Đình Hiếu 88 Silver medal
2015 Hang Nguyen Thuy Nguyễn Thúy Hằng 101 Bronze medal
2014 Pham Mai Phuong Phạm Mai Phương 3 Gold medal
2014 Pham Ngan Giang Phạm Ngân Giang 15 Gold medal
2014 Do Viet Hung Đỗ Việt Hưng 34 Silver medal
2014 Doan Quoc Hoai Nam Đoàn Quốc Hoài Nam 47 Silver medal
2013 Phan Quang Dung Phan Quang Dũng 15 Gold medal
2013 Le Duc Viet Lê Đức Việt 40 Silver medal
2013 Ho Quang Khai Hồ Quang Khải 72 Silver medal
2013 Nguyen Quoc Anh Nguyễn Quốc Anh 80 Silver medal
2012 Pham Dang Huy Phạm Đăng Huy 32 Gold medal
2012 Nguyễn Phương Nguyễn Văn Phương 58 Silver medal
2012 Nguyễn Hoàng Nguyễn Việt Hoàng 86 Silver medal
2012 Trần Mai Hương Trần Thị Mai Hương 110 Bronze medal
2011 Qiy Qui Qiy Qui 41 Silver medal
2011 Pham Dang Huy Phạm Đăng Huy 55 Silver medal
2011 Pham Minh Duc Pham Minh Duc 107 Bronze medal
2011 Vo Duy Viet Vo Duy Viet 114 Bronze medal
2010 Binh Nguyen Duc Nguyễn Đức Bình 39 Silver medal
2010 Quang Luu Nguyen Hong Lưu Nguyễn Hồng Quang 76 Silver medal
2010 Tuan Le Anh Lê Anh Tuấn 127 Bronze medal
2010 Cuc Mai Thu Mai Thu Cúc 128 Bronze medal
2009 Chau Vu Vũ Minh Châu 24 Gold medal
2009 Anh Le Lê Đức Anh 62 Silver medal
2009 Quang Luu Nguyen Lưu Nguyễn Hồng Quang 79 Silver medal
2009 Huong Le Lê Thu Hương 152 Bronze medal
2008 Linh Bui Tuan Bùi Tuấn Linh 9 Gold medal
2008 Chau Vu Minh Vũ Minh Châu 17 Gold medal
2008 Tuan Pham Anh Phạm Anh Tuấn 86 Bronze medal
2008 Anh Chu Thi Ngoc Chu Thị Ngọc Anh 110 Bronze medal
2007 Minh Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Minh 27 Gold medal
2007 Ha Phan Tran Hong Phan Trần Hồng Hà 45 Silver medal
2007 Linh Bui Le Bùi Lê Linh 80 Silver medal
2007 Manh Le Dinh Lê Đình Mạnh 163 Honorable mention
2006 Dang Tien Duc Đặng Tiến Đức 12 Gold medal
2006 Tu Ngoc Ly Lan Từ Ngọc Ly Lan 15 Gold medal
2006 Tran Nam Trung Trần Nam Trung 42 Silver medal
2006 Nguyen Hoang Minh Nguyễn Hoàng Minh 47 Silver medal
2005 Nguyen Mai Luan Nguyễn Mai Luân 5 Gold medal
2005 Nguyen Hoang Minh Nguyễn Hoàng Minh 14 Gold medal
2005 Ngo Xuan Hoang Ngô Xuân Hoàng 17 Gold medal
2005 Nguyen Huy Viet Nguyễn Huy Việt 38 Silver medal
2004 Nguyen Mai Lu An Nguyễn Mai Luân 43 Silver medal
2004 Vu Viet Cuong Vũ Việt Cường 45 Silver medal
2004 Tran Ngoc Tan Trần Ngọc Tân 48 Silver medal
2004 Ha Minh Tu Hà Minh Tú 100 Bronze medal
2003 Anh Cao Thi Phoong Cao Thị Phương Anh 20 Gold medal
2003 Tuan Le Thanh Lê Thanh Tùng 85 Bronze medal
2003 Cuong Vu Viet Vũ Việt Cường 89 Bronze medal
2003 Ha Neuyen Thi Tho Nguyễn Thị Thu Hà 111 Bronze medal
2002 Hai Dao Thanh Đào Thanh Hải 40 Silver medal
2002 Nam Le Hoai Lê Hoài Nam 51 Silver medal
2002 Anh Cao Thị Phương Cao Thị Phương Anh 88 Bronze medal
2002 Tuan Bui Huu Bùi Hữu Tài 176 Honorable mention
2001 Hanh Thuy Nguyen thi Nguyễn Thị Hạnh Thùy 30 Silver medal
2001 Khiem Nguyen Van Nguyễn Văn Khiêm 41 Silver medal
2001 Anh Le Tuan Lê Tuấn Anh 88 Bronze medal
2001 Binh Pham Thi Nam Phạm Thị Nam Bình 132 Honorable mention
2000 Binh Nguyen Hai Nguyễn Hải Bình 20 Gold medal
2000 Thanh Vinh Nguyen Nguyễn Thành Vinh 29 Silver medal
2000 Minh Thoa Nguyen Thi Nguyễn Thị Minh Thoa 53 Silver medal
2000 Hanh Thuy Nguyen Thi Nguyễn Thị Hạnh Thùy 95 Bronze medal
1999 Manh Nguyen Ngoc Nguyễn Ngọc Mạnh 29 Silver medal
1999 Nha Nguyen Cao Nguyễn Cao Nhã 53 Silver medal
1999 Ninh Dao Vinh Đào Vĩnh Ninh 58 Silver medal
1999 Hieu Nguyen Minh Nguyễn Minh Hiếu 71 Bronze medal
1998 Vi Anh Tuan Vi Anh Tuấn 58 Silver medal
1998 Vu Thi Lan Huong Vũ Thị Lan Hương 60 Silver medal
1998 Nguyen Huu Tho Nguyễn Hữu Thọ 83 Bronze medal
1998 Nguyen Thu Hien Nguyễn Thu Hiền Participant
1997 Bao Nguyen Ngoc Nguyễn Ngọc Bảo 42 Silver medal
1997 Dat Quach Vu Quách Vũ Đạt 82 Bronze medal
1997 Huan Luong Van Lương Văn Huấn 90 Bronze medal
1997 Tung Do Hoang Đỗ Hoàng Tùng Participant
1996 Duc Long Nghiem Nghiêm Đức Long 64 Bronze medal
1996 Duy Hung Nguyen Nguyễn Duy Hùng 89 Bronze medal
1996 Minh Ngoc Nguyen Nguyễn Minh Ngọc 115 Bronze medal
1996 Nhu Thong Nguyen Nguyễn Như Thông Participant
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