1 st ICHO, 1968

General information
Czechoslovakia, Prague, June 18 – June 21,
Number of participating countries: 3
Gold medals: 1
Silver medals: 2
Bronze medals: 2
Honorable mentions: 0
Participants: 12
Individual results
ContestantOriginal scriptCountryRankAward
Endre Fuggerth Fuggerth Endre Hungary 1 1st Prize
Marek Roterman Marek Roterman Poland 1 Gold medal
Janusz Daroszewski Janusz Daroszewski Poland 2 Silver medal
Adam Niesłochowski Adam Niesłochowski Poland 2 Silver medal
Janusz Lusztyk Janusz Lusztyk Poland 3 Bronze medal
Ryszard Różak Ryszard Różak Poland 3 Bronze medal
János Deli Deli János Hungary Participant
György Zsombok Zsombok György Hungary Participant
György Szvoboda Szvoboda György Hungary Participant
Gábor Bajnóczy Bajnóczy Gábor Hungary Participant
János Váradi Váradi János Hungary Participant
Józef Rokicki Józef Rokicki Poland Participant
Ivan Cibulka Ivan Cibulka Czechoslovakia Participant
Jiří Děd Jiří Děd Czechoslovakia Participant
Jaroslav Sokol Jaroslav Sokol Czechoslovakia Participant
Karel Murtinger Karel Murtinger Czechoslovakia Participant
0 0 Czechoslovakia Participant
0 0 Czechoslovakia Participant
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