10 th ICHO, 1978

General information
Poland, Toruń, July 3 – July 13,
Number of participating countries: 12
Gold medals: 5
Silver medals: 10
Bronze medals: 15
Honorable mentions: 0
Participants: 18
Individual results
ContestantOriginal scriptCountryRankAward
Andrej Vedernikov Андрей Ведерников Soviet Union 1 Gold medal
Michael Handschug Michael Handschug German Democratic Republic 2 Gold medal
Jelena Ribak-Akimova Рыбак-Акимова Елена Soviet Union 3 Gold medal
Witold Mizerski Witold Mizerski Poland 4 Gold medal
Hans-Jürgen Kölsch Hans-Jürgen Kölsch Germany, Federal Republic of 5 Gold medal
Vladimir Grachov Владимир Грачёв Soviet Union 6 Silver medal
Wolfgang Schwabl Wolfgang Schwabl Austria 7 Silver medal
Michał Pawlak Michał Pawlak Poland 8 Silver medal
Andrej Cheprakov Андрей Чепраков Soviet Union 9 Silver medal
Luděk Matyska Luděk Matyska Czechoslovakia 10 Silver medal
Slawomir Cybulski Slawomir Cybulski Poland 11 Silver medal
Frederik Lindberg Frederik Lindberg Sweden 12 Silver medal
Mihaela Turbatu Mihaela Turbatu Romania 13 Silver medal
Luchezar Hristov Лучезар Христов Bulgaria 14 Silver medal
Zoltán Szomor Szomor Zoltán Hungary 15 Silver medal
Christian Griesinger Christian Griesinger Germany, Federal Republic of 16 Bronze medal
Ryszard Kantor Ryszard Kantor Czechoslovakia 17 Bronze medal
Torbjörn Tambour Torbjörn Tambour Sweden 17 Bronze medal
Torsten Lehmann Torsten Lehmann German Democratic Republic 19 Bronze medal
Ján Raso Ján Raso Czechoslovakia 20 Bronze medal
Bernd Lamatsch Bernd Lamatsch Germany, Federal Republic of 21 Bronze medal
Irfan Töz Irfan Töz Türkiye 22 Bronze medal
János Botyánszky Botyánszky János Hungary 23 Bronze medal
Reinhard Henschel Reinhard Henschel German Democratic Republic 24 Bronze medal
Adrian Panaite Adrian Panaite Romania 25 Bronze medal
Ágnes Lakatos Lakatos Ágnes Hungary 26 Bronze medal
Zoltán Homonnay Homonnay Zoltán Hungary 26 Bronze medal
Annemarie Schmoltner Annemarie Schmoltner Austria 28 Bronze medal
Jaroslaw Kostrowicki Jaroslaw Kostrowicki Poland 29 Bronze medal
Matthias Niemeyer Matthias Niemeyer Germany, Federal Republic of 30 Bronze medal
Alexander Lichy Alexander Lichy Czechoslovakia Participant
Michael Landau Michael Landau Austria Participant
Mihai Curtescu Mihai Curtescu Romania Participant
Tanju Altinseven Tanju Altinseven Türkiye Participant
Daniel Ene Daniel Ene Romania Participant
Pumen Georgiev Румен Георгиев Bulgaria Participant
Antti Ylikoski Antti Ylikoski Finland Participant
Christian Foidl Christian Foidl Austria Participant
Magnus Larson Magnus Larson Sweden Participant
Heikki Mannila Heikki Mannila Finland Participant
Michael Ecke Michael Ecke German Democratic Republic Participant
Yruö Koivusalo Yruö Koivusalo Finland Participant
Slavi Sevov Слави Севов Bulgaria Participant
Gökce Erverdi Gökce Erverdi Türkiye Participant
Dora Aksoy Dora Aksoy Türkiye Participant
Petro Mandjukov Петр Мандюков Bulgaria Participant
Lennart Cider Lennart Cider Sweden Participant
Pekka Kanerva Pekka Kanerva Finland Participant
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