12 nd ICHO, 1980

General information
Austria, Linz, July 13 – July 23,
Number of participating countries: 13
Gold medals: 6
Silver medals: 12
Bronze medals: 14
Honorable mentions: 20
Participants: 0
Individual results
ContestantOriginal scriptCountryRankAward
Jerzy Kosiński Jerzy Kosiński Poland 1 Gold medal
Florin Omota Florin Omota Romania 2 Gold medal
Janusz Rosiek Janusz Rosiek Poland 3 Gold medal
Christian Foidl Christian Foidl Austria 4 Gold medal
Holger Rautschek Holger Rautschek German Democratic Republic 5 Gold medal
János Varga Varga János Hungary 6 Gold medal
Manfred Lehn Manfred Lehn Germany, Federal Republic of 7 Silver medal
Zsolt Böcskei Böcskei Zsolt Hungary 8 Silver medal
Georg Schulz Georg Schulz Austria 9 Silver medal
Jerzy Lisowski Jerzy Lisowski Poland 9 Silver medal
Antoni Dimitrov Антоний Димитров Bulgaria 11 Silver medal
Stefan Kashammer Stefan Käshammer Germany, Federal Republic of 12 Silver medal
Nikolai Denkov Николай Денков Bulgaria 13 Silver medal
Tilo Levante Tilo Levante Germany, Federal Republic of 13 Silver medal
Georg Franke Georg Franke German Democratic Republic 13 Silver medal
Torbjörn Tambour Torbjörn Tambour Sweden 13 Silver medal
Janusz Starakiewicz Janusz Starakiewicz Poland 17 Silver medal
Rüdiger Kock Rüdiger Kock Germany, Federal Republic of 18 Silver medal
Ivan Krakovsky Ivan Krakovsky Czechoslovakia 19 Bronze medal
Peter Haas Peter Haas Austria 20 Bronze medal
Dieter Frense különdíj German Democratic Republic 21 Bronze medal
Valeriu Pompilian Valeriu Pompilian Romania 22 Bronze medal
Tomáš Kovár Tomáš Kovár Czechoslovakia 23 Bronze medal
Erzsébet Gulyás Gulyás Erzsébet Hungary 23 Bronze medal
Mikael Landgren Mikael Landgren Sweden 23 Bronze medal
Nikolai Tarkalanov Николай Търкаланов Bulgaria 26 Bronze medal
Thomas Ullrich Thomas Ullrich German Democratic Republic 27 Bronze medal
Liisa Holm Liisa Holm Finland 28 Bronze medal
Zoltán Fekete Fekete Zoltán Hungary 29 Bronze medal
Gheorghe Pana Gheorghe Pana Romania 30 Bronze medal
Claudiu Supuran Claudiu Supuran Romania 31 Bronze medal
Stefan Trnka Stefan Trnka Czechoslovakia 32 Bronze medal
Erik Verlinde különdíj Netherlands 33 Honorable mention
Gernot Friedbacher Gernot Friedbacher Austria 34 Honorable mention
Marián Farkasovsky Marián Farkasovsky Czechoslovakia 34 Honorable mention
Kari Harkönen Kari Harkönen Finland 34 Honorable mention
Jyri Roihuvuo Jyri Roihuvuo Finland 34 Honorable mention
Martin Borsje Martin Borsje Netherlands 38 Honorable mention
Sten Sarman Sten Sarman Sweden 39 Honorable mention
Paavo Honkakoski Paavo Honkakoski Finland 40 Honorable mention
Anders Wasterlid Anders Wasterlid Sweden 41 Honorable mention
Peter Vekilov Петър Векилов Bulgaria 42 Honorable mention
Danilo Bucchieri különdíj Italy 42 Honorable mention
Hermann Verlinde Hermann Verlinde Netherlands 44 Honorable mention
Peter Hoogerbrugge Peter Hoogerbrugge Netherlands 45 Honorable mention
Laurent Dejardin Laurent Dejardin Belgium 46 Honorable mention
Joel Loutte Joel Loutte Belgium 47 Honorable mention
Rudie de Maesseneer Rudie de Maesseneer Belgium 48 Honorable mention
Marc Pelgrims Marc Pelgrims Belgium 49 Honorable mention
Matteo Latorre Matteo Latorre Italy 50 Honorable mention
Flavia Portaluri Flavia Portaluri Italy 51 Honorable mention
Cristina Sormani Cristina Sormani Italy 52 Honorable mention
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