5 th ICHO, 1973

General information
Bulgaria, Sofia, July 1 – July 10,
Number of participating countries: 7
Gold medals: 0
Silver medals: 0
Bronze medals: 0
Honorable mentions: 7
Participants: 5
Individual results
ContestantOriginal scriptCountryRankAward
Maciej Gonet Maciej Gonet Poland 1 1st Prize
Janusz Zachara Janusz Zachara Poland 2 2nd Prize
Aleksandr Vojtuk Александр Войтюк Soviet Union 3 3rd Prize
Igor Lejko Игорь Лейко Soviet Union 4 3rd Prize
Marius Andruh Marius Andruh Romania 5 3rd Prize
Witold Danikiewicz Witold Danikiewicz Poland 6 3rd Prize
Valeri Kovachev Валери Ковачев Bulgaria 7 3rd Prize
Pjotr Leshchenko Петр Лещенко Soviet Union 8 3rd Prize
Heinrich Schulz Heinrich Schulz German Democratic Republic 8 3rd Prize
Attila Demeter Demeter Attila Hungary 10 3rd Prize
Pawel Lipka Pawel Lipka Poland 11 3rd Prize
Victor Zhdankin Виктор Жданкин Soviet Union 11 3rd Prize
Ognyan Argirov Огнян Аргиров Bulgaria 13 3rd Prize
Csaba Lendvay Lendvay Csaba Hungary 14 3rd Prize
Gabriel Drochion Gabriel Drochion Romania 15 3rd Prize
Jaromir Kukal Jaromir Kukal Czechoslovakia 15 3rd Prize
Andreas Seidel Andreas Seidel German Democratic Republic 17 Honorable mention
Volker Schröder Volker Schröder German Democratic Republic 18 Honorable mention
Alfons Brandt Alfons Brandt German Democratic Republic 18 Honorable mention
Tamás Korányi Korányi Tamás Hungary 20 Honorable mention
Petar Rusev Петър Русев Bulgaria 21 Honorable mention
Ivan Stoilov Иван Стоилов Bulgaria 22 Honorable mention
Sándor Barcsai Barcsai Sándor Hungary 23 Honorable mention
Dalimil Dvořák Dalimil Dvořák Czechoslovakia Participant
Igor Kučera Igor Kučera Czechoslovakia Participant
Dorin Stelean Stanescu Dorin Stelean Stanescu Romania Participant
Marcel Istrate Marcel Istrate Romania Participant
Erhardt Lejdar Erhardt Lejdar Czechoslovakia Participant
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