Gold medals: 0, Silver medals: 4, Bronze medals: 24, Honorable mentions: 6
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Richard Sheahan Richard Sheahan 195 Bronze medal
2023 Isobel McSweeney Isobel McSweeney 237 Honorable mention
2023 Noah Morgan-Doyle Noah Morgan-Doyle Participant
2023 Dominika Ryzwanowicz Dominika Eliza Ryzwanowicz Participant
2022 Fearghal Desmond Fearghal Desmond 206 Bronze medal
2022 Clare Reidy Clare Reidy Participant
2022 Caoimhe McErlaine Caoimhe McErlaine Participant
2022 Ceothán Gormley Ceothán Margaret Gormley Participant
2021 Oisín Colm Ó Feinneadha Oisín Colm Ó Feinneadha 48 Silver medal
2021 Tong Wu Tong Wu 74 Silver medal
2021 Oscar Eric Moran Despard Oscar Eric Moran Despard 179 Bronze medal
2021 Aoife Mary Morris Aoife Mary Morris 210 Honorable mention
2020 Michael Ciaran Gadaloff Michael Ciaran Gadaloff Participant
2020 Ceri Jean Arnott Ceri Jean Arnott Participant
2020 Joseph Michael Martyn Joseph Michael Martyn Participant
2020 Auriel Guarino Auriel Guarino Participant
2019 Brian David Durkan Brian David Durkan 174 Bronze medal
2019 Mark William James Crawford Mark William James Crawford Participant
2019 David Hugh Conneely David Hugh Conneely Participant
2019 Oisin James Mccullagh Oisin James McCullagh Participant
2018 Erin Fleur Fitzsimons-West Erin Fleur Fitzsimons-West Participant
2018 David Joseph McSharry David Joseph McSharry Participant
2018 Nicholas William Pochinkov Nicholas William Pochinkov Participant
2018 Philip David Krause Philip David Krause Participant
2017 Michael Hong Michael Hong 151 Bronze medal
2017 Diarmuid O'Donoghue Diarmuid O'Donoghue 159 Bronze medal
2017 Alicia Huntley Alicia Huntley 161 Bronze medal
2017 Aaron Hannon Aaron Hannon Participant
2015 Kevin Luc Fletcher Kevin Luc Fletcher Participant
2015 Joshua Mathew John Gorman Climax Joshua Mathew John Gorman Climax Participant
2015 Thomas Robert Donaldson Thomas Robert Donaldson Participant
2014 Michael Devine Fintan Fintan Michael Devine Participant
2014 Michael Gerard Keyes Michael Gerard Keyes Participant
2014 Michael John Casey Michael John Casey Participant
2014 Gerard Edmond Crowley Gerard Edmond Crowley Participant
2013 Zachariah Lockhart Zachariah Lockhart Participant
2013 Alastair Neale Herron Alastair Neale Herron Participant
2013 David Kelly David Kelly Participant
2013 Pearse Solon Pearse Solon Participant
2012 Niamh Broderick Niamh Broderick 148 Bronze medal
2012 Pearse Solon Pearse Solon Participant
2012 Mark McCullough Mark McCullough Participant
2012 David Cochrane David Cochrane Participant
2011 Matthew Knox Matthew Knox 174 Bronze medal
2011 Yang Zheng Xu Yang Zheng Xu Participant
2011 Robert Thomas Ryan Robert Thomas Ryan Participant
2011 Aisling Kerr Aisling Kerr Participant
2010 Anandagopal Srinivasan Anandagopal Srinivasan 123 Bronze medal
2010 Daniel Quill Daniel Quill 146 Bronze medal
2010 Dermot Gillen Dermot Gillen Participant
2010 Jonathan Wilson Jonathan Wilson Participant
2009 Daniel Quill Daniel Quill 123 Bronze medal
2009 Gareth Gamble Gareth Gamble 160 Bronze medal
2009 Garreth McCrudden Garreth McCrudden Participant
2009 Ciaran Coney Ciaran Coney Participant
2008 Emma Louise Wilkinson Emma Louise Wilkinson 148 Bronze medal
2008 Timothy Michael Cronin Timothy Michael Cronin 164 Honorable mention
2008 Hannah Patricia Cagney Hannah Patricia Cagney Participant
2008 Adam John Samuel Johnston Adam John Samuel Johnston Participant
2007 Andrew Brian Cairns Andrew Brian Cairns 109 Bronze medal
2007 Martina Feyzrakhmanova Martina Feyzrakhmanova Participant
2007 Patrick Michael O'Sullivan Patrick Michael O'Sullivan Participant
2007 Grellan Jerome Kevin Tuohy Grellan Jerome Kevin Tuohy Participant
2006 Mary-Ellen Lynall Mary-Ellen Lynall 49 Silver medal
2006 Brendan Quigley Brendan Quigley Participant
2006 Joseph Marius Walsh Joseph Marius Walsh Participant
2006 Martina Feyzrakhmanova Martina Feyzrakhmanova Participant
2005 Mary-Ellen Lynall Mary-Ellen Lynall 131 Bronze medal
2005 Aleksey Shmelov Aleksey Shmelov 147 Bronze medal
2005 Alexey Pokrovskiy Alexey Pokrovskiy 158 Honorable mention
2005 Sinead McTaggart Sinead McTaggart Participant
2004 John McClean John McClean 106 Bronze medal
2004 Steven Hutchinson Steven Hutchinson Participant
2004 Robert Fenton Robert Fenton Participant
2004 John O`Boyle John O`Boyle Participant
2003 Lauren Rutherford Lauren Rutherford 150 Bronze medal
2003 Stephen McCann Stephen McCann 163 Honorable mention
2003 Cormac Quigley Cormac Quigley Participant
2003 Alim Yucel-Finn Alim Yucel-Finn Participant
2002 Vladislav Malofeev Vladislav Malofeev 129 Bronze medal
2002 Deborah Toner Deborah Toner 136 Bronze medal
2002 Pauleen McGee Pauleen McGee Participant
2002 Mairtin MacNamara Mairtin MacNamara Participant
2001 Aaron Farry Aaron Farry Participant
2001 Amanda Nevin Amanda Nevin Participant
2001 Rosalind Archer Rosalind Archer Participant
2001 Niall Murphy Niall Murphy Participant
2000 Brian O`Neill Brian O`Neill Participant
2000 Eileen Dorgan Eileen Dorgan Participant
2000 Fergus O`Boyle Fergus O`Boyle Participant
2000 Frank Roche Frank Roche Participant
1999 Raja Mukherji Raja Mukherji 27 Silver medal
1999 Colman Carroll Colman Carroll 102 Bronze medal
1999 Fiona McFerran Fiona McFerran 117 Bronze medal
1999 Mort Kelleher Mort Kelleher Participant
1998 Kelly Hanna Kelly Hanna Participant
1998 Fiona Begley Fiona Begley Participant
1998 Tom Branigan Tom Branigan Participant
1998 Owen Diamond Owen Diamond Participant
1997 Noel O'Boyle Noel O'Boyle 72 Bronze medal
1997 Dominic Cavlan Dominic Cavlan Participant
1997 Anthony O'Kane Anthony O'Kane Participant
1997 Barry Hughes Barry Hughes 150 Honorable mention
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