South Africa

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Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Faraaz Parker Faraaz Parker Participant
2023 Judd Symanovitz Judd Symanovitz Participant
2023 Senthan Naicker Senthan Naicker Participant
2023 Xu Weng Xu Weng Participant
2022 Helen Lin LIn Liu Helen Lin LIn Liu Participant
2022 Yuxin Zhang Yuxin Zhang Participant
2021 Muhammad Mahdi da Costa Muhammad Mahdi da Costa Participant
2021 Mohammed Tanweer Alli Mohammed Tanweer Alli Participant
2021 Erkam Cihan Caglak Erkam Cihan Caglak Participant
2021 Abdul-Baasit Salie Abdul-Baasit Salie Participant
2019 Tomer Melnik Tomer Melnik Participant
2019 Ruben Venter Ruben Venter Participant
2019 Willem Lodewyk Davel Willem Davel Participant
2019 Lebogang Seseane Lebogang Seseane Participant
2018 Tomer Melnik Tomer Melnik Participant
2018 Yeshan Sugie Naidoo Yeshan Sugie Naidoo Participant
2018 Abhishek Rahul Budhram Abhishek Rahul Budhram Participant
2018 Daniel Petrus Marais Daniel Petrus Marais Participant
2017 Yashoda Maharaj Yashoda Maharaj Participant
2017 Yeshan Naidoo Yeshan Naidoo Participant
2017 Keaton Naidoo Keaton Naidoo Participant
2017 Reolin Govender Reolin Govender Participant
2016 Nikhil Mothalal Nikhil Mothalal Participant
2016 Sandile Ndlela Sandile Ndlela Participant
2016 Thobelani Khumalo Thobelani Khumalo Participant
2016 Hamzah Patel Hamzah Patel Participant
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