Gold medals: 2, Silver medals: 6, Bronze medals: 46, Honorable mentions: 11
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Erlend Skretteberg Erlend Dukefos Skretteberg 186 Bronze medal
2023 Simen Eilevstjønn Simen Eilevstjønn 202 Bronze medal
2023 Yuliya Zabelina Yuliya Zabelina 239 Honorable mention
2023 Vilde Viksøy Vilde Kroken Viksøy Participant
2022 Ruiyi Li Ruiyi Li 169 Bronze medal
2022 Simen Jægtvik Aas Simen Jægtvik Aas 190 Bronze medal
2022 Børge Rekstad Børge Rekstad Participant
2021 Abdur-Raheem Idowu Abdur-Raheem Idowu 121 Bronze medal
2021 Simen Mannsåker Simen Mannsåker Participant
2021 Joachim Julian Klaussen Joachim Julian Klaussen Participant
2021 Tina Kalleson Tina Kalleson Participant
2020 Henrik Elias Solheim Henrik Elias Solheim Participant
2020 Wanjing Li Wanjing Li Participant
2019 Johannes Salomonsen Løken Johannes Salomonsen Løken 214 Honorable mention
2019 Audun Uglenes Bergan Audun Uglenes Bergan Participant
2019 Alexander Kval Alexander Kval Participant
2019 Torje Igland Hellerslia Torje Igland Hellerslia Participant
2018 Leo Stoll Leo Stoll 181 Bronze medal
2018 Erling Syversveen Lie Erling Syversveen Lie Participant
2018 Johan Emil Linnestad Larsson Johan E. Linnestad Larsson Participant
2018 Eskil Vik Eskil Vik Participant
2017 Johan Lokna Johan Lokna 182 Bronze medal
2017 Gunnar Grotmol Gunnar Grotmol Participant
2017 Ida Breivik Ida Breivik Participant
2017 Fredrik Meringdal Fredrik Meringdal Participant
2016 Anders Taraldsrud Løkken Hoel Anders Taraldsrud Løkken Hoel Participant
2016 Rolf Einar Kordal Rolf Einar Kordal Participant
2016 Kristoffer Eggestad Kristoffer Eggestad Participant
2016 Jørgen Taule Jørgen Taule Participant
2015 Sigurd Opdal Eidem Sigurd Opdal Eidem Participant
2015 Vemund Falch Vemund Falch Participant
2015 Strømsem Tor Strømsem Tor Participant
2015 Fossøy Synne Fossøy Synne Participant
2014 Duy-Martin Tat Duy-Martin Tat 178 Bronze medal
2014 William Paulsen Lohrmann William Paulsen Lohrmann Participant
2014 Jørgen Bjaarstad Nikolaisen Jørgen Bjaarstad Nikolaisen Participant
2014 Sofie Smith Vågen Sofie Smith Vågen Participant
2013 Xiaotian Li Xiaotian Li 50 Silver medal
2013 Marianna Wrzos-Kamińska Marianna Wrzos-Kamińska 197 Honorable mention
2013 Henrik Svensson Henrik Svensson Participant
2013 Gard Rystad Gard Rystad Participant
2012 Xiaotian Li Xiaotian Li 87 Silver medal
2012 Markus Ristola Markus Ristola Participant
2012 Sondre Bø Kongsgård Sondre Bø Kongsgård Participant
2012 Tord Ekern Tord Ekern Participant
2011 Martin E. Walderhaug Martin E. Walderhaug 143 Bronze medal
2011 Hanna Sandvoll Vassmyr Hanna Sandvoll Vassmyr Participant
2011 Martin Helsø Martin Brian Laksesvela Helsø Participant
2011 Dagmar Hansen Dagmar Hansen Participant
2010 Ingrid Eidsvaag Andersen Ingrid Eidsvaag Andersen 146 Bronze medal
2010 Espen Auseth Nielsen Espen Auseth Nielsen Participant
2010 Lars Moen Strømsnes Lars Moen Strømsnes Participant
2010 Maartje Iris Romijn Maartje Iris Romijn Participant
2009 Tobias Solli Iveland Tobias Iveland 118 Bronze medal
2009 Yngve Guttormsen Yngve Guttormsen 165 Honorable mention
2009 Kristian Weibye Kristian Weibye Participant
2009 Eirik Stenby Hauge Eirik Stenby Hauge Participant
2008 Erik Kvam Maland Erik Kvam Maland Participant
2008 Marte van der Linden Marte van der Linden Participant
2008 Camilla Espedal Camilla Espedal Participant
2008 Stein-Olav Hagen Davidsen Stein-Olav Hagen Davidsen Participant
2007 Henrik Soensteby Henrik Soensteby 127 Bronze medal
2007 Geir Haakon Beckstroem Geir Haakon Beckstroem 165 Honorable mention
2007 Johan Yuan Wang Johan Yuan Wang Participant
2007 Camilla Espedal Camilla Espedal Participant
2006 Kai Müller Beckwith Kai Müller Beckwith 177 Honorable mention
2006 Håkon Beckstrøm Håkon Beckstrøm Participant
2006 Ingrid Håøy Nyg?Rd Ingrid Håøy Nyg?Rd Participant
2006 Kristian Wollen Steen Kristian Wollen Steen 210 Honorable mention
2005 Troels Arnfred Bojesen Troels Arnfred Bojesen Participant
2005 Sigmund Østtveit Størset Sigmund Østtveit Størset Participant
2005 Gunstein Skomedal Gunstein Skomedal Participant
2005 Bjarte Lofnes Hauge Bjarte Lofnes Hauge Participant
2004 Eirik Lyngvi Eirik Lyngvi Participant
2004 Marit Sandstad Marit Sandstad Participant
2004 Knut Åge Meland Knut Åge Meland Participant
2004 Wilhelm Frisch Wilhelm Frisch Participant
2003 Anders Lervik Anders Lervik 153 Bronze medal
2003 Jonas Ingvaldsen Jonas Ingvaldsen 166 Honorable mention
2003 Jon M. Haga Jon M. Haga Participant
2003 Andreas Gundersen Andreas Gundersen Participant
2002 Kristian Vestli Kristian Vestli 24 Gold medal
2002 Marte Ludvigsen Marte Ludvigsen 149 Honorable mention
2002 Christine Lindstrom Christine Lindstrom Participant
2002 Maren Førland Maren Førland 210 Honorable mention
2001 Terje Tofteberg Terje Tofteberg 115 Bronze medal
2001 TorErik Kristensen TorErik Kristensen 121 Bronze medal
2001 Halvor Schroder Hansen Halvor Schroder Hansen Participant
2001 Torfinn Haland Torfinn Haland Participant
2000 Bjørn Oddvar Strøm Bjørn Oddvar Strøm 128 Bronze medal
2000 Tor Erik Kristensen Tor Erik Kristensen Participant
2000 Martin Bogsrud Martin Bogsrud Participant
2000 Andreas Forsmark Andreas Forsmark Participant
1999 Eivind Ruth Eivind Ruth Participant
1999 Oyvind Jacobsen Oyvind Jacobsen Participant
1999 Rune Haugom Rune Haugom Participant
1999 Hans Asnes Holter Hans Asnes Holter Participant
1998 Geir Kildahl-Andersen Geir Kildahl-Andersen 72 Bronze medal
1998 Harald Overby Harald Overby 106 Bronze medal
1998 Justas Krasuckis Justas Krasuckis 113 Bronze medal
1998 JÀrgen Salvesen JÀrgen Salvesen Participant
1997 Torbjorn Lindahl Torbjorn Lindahl 39 Silver medal
1997 Bjorn Anderson Bjorn Anderson 106 Bronze medal
1997 Carl Berg Carl Berg Participant
1997 Petter Aslaksen Petter Aslaksen Participant
1996 Magnar Nedland Magnar Nedland 95 Bronze medal
1996 Dag Hovland Dag Hovland Participant
1996 Tore Vamraak Tore Vamraak Participant
1996 Marianne Lønmo Marianne Lønmo Participant
1995 Tore August Kro Tore August Kro Participant
1995 Martin Lersch Martin Lersch Participant
1995 Bjarte Hitland Bjarte Hitland Participant
1995 Ole Kristian Holen Ole Kristian Holen Participant
1994 Halvor Nilsen Halvor Nilsen 92 Bronze medal
1994 Håvard Pettersen Håvard Pettersen 97 Bronze medal
1994 Rolf Skotheim Rolf Skotheim Participant
1994 Terje Kolderup Terje Kolderup 123 Honorable mention
1993 Håvard Pettersen Håvard Pettersen 71 Bronze medal
1993 Åsulv Tønnesland Åsulv Tønnesland Participant
1993 Johannes Skaar Johannes Skaar Participant
1993 Joachim Pihl Joachim Pihl Participant
1992 Øyvind Bjørkås Øyvind Bjørkås 52 Bronze medal
1992 Ola Nilsen Ola Nilsen 65 Bronze medal
1992 Sigurd Ugland Sigurd Ugland Participant
1992 Knut Vassbo Knut Vassbo Participant
1991 Stig Roar Myrseth Stig Roar Myrseth 20 Silver medal
1991 Vebjørn Bakken Vebjørn Bakken 26 Silver medal
1991 Halvard Fausk Halvard Fausk 50 Bronze medal
1991 Øyvind Bjørkås Øyvind Bjørkås 74 Bronze medal
1990 Rune Halseid Rune Halseid 52 Bronze medal
1990 Henning S. Mortveit Henning S. Mortveit 65 Bronze medal
1990 Ragnar Hauge Ragnar Hauge Participant
1990 Bjorn Megard Bjorn Megard Participant
1989 Ashild Vik Ashild Vik 31 Silver medal
1989 Jarle Brinchmann Jarle Brinchmann 46 Bronze medal
1989 Oyvind Tafjord Oyvind Tafjord 66 Bronze medal
1989 Pal Dahle Pal Dahle Participant
1988 Ole M. Svensen Ole M. Svensen 8 Gold medal
1988 Tornbjoern Rognes Rognes Tornbjörn 38 Bronze medal
1988 Kenneth Ruud Kenneth Ruud 47 Bronze medal
1988 Sverre Prytz Sverre Prytz 60 Bronze medal
1987 Kjetil Yri Kjetil Yri 50 Bronze medal
1987 Roger Strand Roger Strand 57 Bronze medal
1987 Bjorn Eric Seeberg Bjorn Eric Seeberg 63 Bronze medal
1987 Hanne Grondal Hanne Grondal Participant
1986 Alexander Fossa Alexander Fosså 29 Bronze medal
1986 Einar Halvorsen Einar Halvorsen 50 Bronze medal
1986 Terje Didriksen Terje Didriksen Participant
1986 Stig Olav Aksdal Stig Olav Aksdal Participant
1985 Jon Ruud Aage Jon Ruud Aage 40 Bronze medal
1985 Tor Erik Jeremiassen Tor Erik Jeremiassen 52 Bronze medal
1985 Reidar Jörgen Husmo Reidar Jörgen Husmo Participant
1985 Siv Aasland Siv Aasland Participant
1984 Per Norman Oma Per Norman Oma 45 Bronze medal
1984 Erik Sandersen Erik Sandersen Participant
1984 Ingvill Hagesaether Ingvill Hagesaether Participant
1984 Ernst Johansen Ernst Johansen Participant
1983 John Rognes John Rognes 29 Bronze medal
1983 Elling Henrik Disen Elling Henrik Disen Participant
1983 Kristian Fossen Kristian Fossen Participant
1983 Håvard Helstrup Håvard Helstrup Participant
1982 Morten Hovd Morten Hovd 36 Bronze medal
1982 Vagstad Steinar Vagstad Steinar 37 Bronze medal
1982 Ola Martin Lykkja Ola Martin Lykkja Participant
1982 Trine Tveter Trine Tveter Participant
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