20 th ICHO, 1988

General information
Finland, Espoo, July 2 – July 9,
Number of participating countries: 26
Gold medals: 13
Silver medals: 22
Bronze medals: 32
Honorable mentions: 0
Participants: 37
Individual results
ContestantOriginal scriptCountryRankAward
Chen Wang 汪琛 China, People's Republic of 1 Gold medal
Uwe Herzog Uwe Herzog German Democratic Republic 2 Gold medal
Mies Dronkert Mies Dronkert Netherlands 3 Gold medal
Xi Huang 黄烯 China, People's Republic of 4 Gold medal
Tomasz Motylewski Tomasz Motylewski Poland 5 Gold medal
Jens Decker Jens Decker Germany, Federal Republic of 6 Gold medal
Karl Nedwed Karl Nedwed Austria 7 Gold medal
Ole M. Svensen Ole M. Svensen Norway 8 Gold medal
Tomislav Gunchev Томислав Гунчев Bulgaria 9 Gold medal
József Dobó Dobó József Hungary 10 Gold medal
Pierluigi Mercandelli Pierluigi Mercandelli Italy 11 Gold medal
Andrada-Sabina Zurac Andrada-Sabina Zurac Romania 12 Gold medal
Michael Jurek Michael Jurek Czechoslovakia 13 Gold medal
Ni Qiang 倪强 China, People's Republic of 14 Silver medal
David Cliffel David Cliffel USA 15 Silver medal
Laurance Lee Laurance Lee USA 15 Silver medal
Thomas Klein Thomas Klein German Democratic Republic 15 Silver medal
Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt Germany, Federal Republic of 18 Silver medal
Markus Kosonen Markus Kosonen Finland 18 Silver medal
Kai Exner Kai Exner Germany, Federal Republic of 20 Silver medal
Jacek Nowakowski Jacek Nowakowski Poland 21 Silver medal
Juhan Jönsson Juhan Jönsson Sweden 22 Silver medal
Brian Kantsiper Brian Kantsiper USA 23 Silver medal
Stefane Fermigier Stefane Fermigier France 23 Silver medal
Clare Hazlewood Clare Hazlewood United Kingdom 23 Silver medal
Jeremy Humphries Jeremy Humphries United Kingdom 23 Silver medal
Aleksander Granovskiy Александр Грановский Soviet Union 27 Silver medal
Emil Tripa Emil Tripa Romania 28 Silver medal
Roland Sander Roland Sander Germany, Federal Republic of 29 Silver medal
Marco Venuti Marco Venuti Italy 30 Silver medal
Paul Hodgkinson Paul Hodgkinson United Kingdom 31 Silver medal
Árpád Dobolyi Dobolyi Árpád Hungary 32 Silver medal
Mark Mackey Mark Mackey Australia 33 Silver medal
Leszek Pazderski Leszek Pazderski Poland 34 Silver medal
Loo Sun Sun Leslie Loo Sun Sun Leslie Singapore 34 Silver medal
Petri Mathias Pihko Petri Mathias Pihko Finland 36 Bronze medal
Ling Yee Kiang Ling Yee Kiang Singapore 36 Bronze medal
Tornbjoern Rognes Rognes Tornbjörn Norway 38 Bronze medal
Mihály Kádár Kádár Mihály Hungary 39 Bronze medal
Mihail Veshtort Михаил Вешторт Soviet Union 39 Bronze medal
Duncan Page Duncan Page United Kingdom 41 Bronze medal
Chris Gunn Chris Gunn Canada 42 Bronze medal
Guonqiang Lu 卢国强 China, People's Republic of 43 Bronze medal
Kurt Huang Kurt Huang USA 43 Bronze medal
Julie Gowdie Julie Gowdie Australia 45 Bronze medal
Aleksander Zinin Александр Зинин Soviet Union 46 Bronze medal
Kenneth Ruud Kenneth Ruud Norway 47 Bronze medal
Costica Aloman Costica Aloman Romania 47 Bronze medal
Pieter van Andel Pieter van Andel Netherlands 49 Bronze medal
Georgi Bontchev Георги Бончев Bulgaria 50 Bronze medal
Wiesław Dudek Wiesław Dudek Poland 50 Bronze medal
Kroum Valchev Крум Вълчев Bulgaria 52 Bronze medal
Christophe Pellet Christophe Pellet France 53 Bronze medal
Fabrizio Cartechini Fabrizio Cartechini Italy 54 Bronze medal
Stefan Mix Stefan Mix German Democratic Republic 54 Bronze medal
Lim Hong Kiang Lim Hong Kiang Singapore 56 Bronze medal
Richard Owczarzy Richard Owczarzy Czechoslovakia 57 Bronze medal
Eduardo Baquero Fernandez Eduardo Baquero Fernandez Cuba 58 Bronze medal
Lars Salquist Lars Salquist Denmark 58 Bronze medal
Roman Mezencev Roman Mezencev Czechoslovakia 60 Bronze medal
Sverre Prytz Sverre Prytz Norway 60 Bronze medal
Vincent Wong Vincent Wiong Canada 62 Bronze medal
Helmut Sengstschmid Helmut Sengstschmid Austria 63 Bronze medal
Sergey Cytovskiy Сергей Цитовский Soviet Union 63 Bronze medal
Pim Vijfhuizen Pim Vijfhuizen Netherlands 65 Bronze medal
Julia Kubanek Julia Kubanek Canada 66 Bronze medal
Daniel Vaniche Daniel Vaniche France 66 Bronze medal
Wilfred Fullagar Wilfred Fullagar Australia Participant
Ernesto Ortitz Suri Ernesto Ortitz Suri Cuba Participant
Drew Parsons Drew Parsons Australia Participant
Michael Jakusch Michael Jakusch Austria Participant
Marc-Olivier Coppens Marc-Olivier Coppens Belgium Participant
Jenel Vatamanu Jenel Vatamanu Romania Participant
Michel Gontkovski Michel Gontkovski Czechoslovakia Participant
Raul Gonzales Lio Raul Gonzales Lio Cuba Participant
Christina Toennesen Christina Tönnesen Denmark Participant
Hans Heuts Hans Heuts Netherlands Participant
Kim Kristiansen Kim Kristiansen Denmark Participant
László Somogyi Somogyi László Hungary Participant
Anton Ivanov Антон Иванов Bulgaria Participant
Edmondo Rizzo Edmondo Rizzo Italy Participant
Pernille Koefoed Pernille Koefoed Denmark Participant
Francis Chong Fu Shin Francis Chong Fu Shin Singapore Participant
Didier Marsacq Didier Marsacq France Participant
Micael Germann Micael Germann Switzerland Participant
Rudi Labarbe Rudi Labarbe Belgium Participant
Klas Lindbäck Klas Lindbäck Sweden Participant
Marko Heinilä Marko Heinilä Finland Participant
Vincent de Vroey Vincent de Vroey Belgium Participant
Mika Lindvall Mika Lindvall Finland Participant
Marc-Etienne Schwenter Marc-Etienne Schwenter Switzerland Participant
Franz Werner Franz Werner Austria Participant
Jean-Daniel Zanone Jean-Daniel Zanone Switzerland Participant
Abeer Algharabally 0 Kuwait Participant
Laurent Piquet Laurent Piquet Switzerland Participant
Erik Hosen Erik Hosen Sweden Participant
Steven Postma Steven Postma Canada Participant
Elier Paz Rojas Elier Paz Rojas Cuba Participant
Pierre Robe Pierre Robe Belgium Participant
Hisham Hayat 0 Kuwait Participant
Udo Eckart Udo Eckart German Democratic Republic Participant
Ragnar Henningson Ragnar Henningson Sweden Participant
Nahla Asadalla 0 Kuwait Participant
Bandar Al-Mutairi 0 Kuwait Participant
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